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Frozen Foods & Dairy

Our store is smaller than the large box stores we face in competition, and as a result we are somewhat limited in the space that we can devote to these two departments. We work hard to assure Prisco’s shoppers that they can find all that they are looking for, although the flavors and sizes of some items are a bit limited. If you are on a special diet (gluten-free or low salt, for example) and you are in need of specific items that we don’t seem to stock, mention it to someone on staff and we will order it for you and then we will try to stock it as a regular item.

Please don’t be bashful. If there is a frozen food or dairy item that you would like to see offered in our store, please drop us a note or stop at our service desk and let us know. We’d really appreciate the feedback and you would be doing us a huge favor as well.