Prisco’s Family Market

1108 Prairie Street, Aurora, IL 60506 | 630-264-9400

Hours: Monday - Friday, 7 am to 8:30 pm | Saturday, 7 am to 8 pm | Sunday, 8 am to 7 pm

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The Prisco’s Difference

The freshest and best quality available for competitive prices provided with exceptional customer service.

Voted Aurora’s Best Deli and Best Grocery Store for 2014 by readers of Downtown Auroran.

Most Googled Recipes of 2017

If we consider what it is that people are most often looking for in a search for recipes, we might safely conclude that this list will give us a good approximation of the current trends in food tastes in general. Going with that assumption, one would have to assume that there was a general desire to enjoy lots of our favorite comfort foods in 2017. Search engine authority Google released its annual Year in Search Data report, and found that these were the top 10 most searched recipes. Just in case you get a hankering to recreate one of these comfort foods yourself we’ve added links to a few that are ideal for this time of year...


Prisco's Shout Out

Prisco’s Points About to Evolve into Next Phase


We launched our Prisco’s Points Customer Appreciation Program in mid-November of last year, and so far several thousand customers have joined the program. Since launch, we have distributed over 1.5 million points and about 625,000 have been redeemed.


We’ve had lots of fun seeing shoppers taking home free groceries and cash rewards every day simply for shopping at Prisco’s. So far, several hundred people have redeemed a portion of their points; however, only about 30% of the folks who have earned enough points to redeem them for free goods have done so...