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Hello, I’m Andy Guzauskas, President and co-owner of Prisco’s Family Market. My siblings and I represent the fourth generation of Priscos to operate the store. Our mom Beth is the daughter of the late Tony Prisco and in 2016, shortly after grandpa’s passing, my Uncle Rob and his wife Georgette retired and I took over the reins with help from my mom and two sisters, Bridget and Jacquie.

All in all, 2016 was a major chapter for Prisco’s Family Market. In addition to the passing of ownership to our 4th generation it marked our 90th year of operation. First started in 1926 by my great grandfather Tony Prisco Sr., we have been gratefully serving the people of West Aurora as a family owned, independent grocer ever since. Here is a link to our company’s history.

I’d like to introduce fellow family members and other key staff, whom you will see when visiting our store. We love to get to know all of our customers by name when we can, and we really appreciate your questions and feedback. Hopefully seeing our pictures here will give you a sense of who does what, and if you have specific questions or suggestions on how we might improve your shopping experience, please introduce yourself on your next visit.

My mom Beth manages our café, bakery, and deli, the home of our famous Prisco’s Homemade Italian Beef. It has been interesting to see some of the changes in people's shopping habits over the past several years. Today our deli and prepared foods represents the largest single department in our store, and we see no signs of that growth trend changing as folks who are pressed for time really enjoy the homemade taste and easy convenience of so many ready to grab-and-go meals.

Helping mom deliver on our promise of unique fresh foods are my two sisters, Bridget and Jacquie. Our baking and specialty cheese sections are two areas where we rely heavily on Bridget’s expertise, and you can check each week for some new, sinfully delicious treat coming out of our kitchen thanks to her influence.

Jacquie acts as the voice of the Prisco-Guzauskas family as she is the editor of the Prisco’s Family Market social media efforts, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. She helps a great deal in the kitchen and café as well.

A few years back, Dona Hess came to us when another local store closed down, and she had such a positive impact on our customers' shopping experience that we decided to promote her to lead team member in our produce department. If you’ve met her you know that Dona has a real gift for relating to people and she enjoys sharing her knowledge of fresh fruits and vegetables with anyone who will listen.

Long known as the best store in Aurora to buy fresh meat, we take great pride in constantly working to hold up that reputation. My Grandpa Tony was an outstanding butcher who knew everything there was to know about fresh meat, how to buy it right, how to cut and package it, and how to prepare it. He knew his customers as well, and just what each one of them wanted week after week.


Many days each week you will see Patty Joray pushing a shopping cart down the aisles, clip board in hand, as she shops, packs and delivers orders for those folks needing some assistance. Learn more about our personal shopper and delivery service here.

Supervising our staff of part-time grocery, dairy and frozen food clerks is Dan Ybarra, who often acts as our manager in charge and evening closer.




Debbie Russ may not be as visible as she was in the past as she spends most of her time in the back office managing our books and paying our vendors. Debbie has been a valuable and trusted employee for Prisco’s for over thirty years and someone who I rely on daily to keep us grounded and focused in the principles that got us where we are today.

When we promoted Debbie Russ to Office Manager we tapped another long-term employee, Deb Wittenberg, to be our Customer Service Manager. If you have any concerns or questions, Debbie is often the best place to start. You will find her in our front end or working in the customer service office.

Many people have come to know me as the Craft Beer Guru at Prisco’s. I do love my craft beer and my wines, but alas, when it came time to take over managing the entire business I had to turn over the responsibility for our beer and wine sales to someone else. That is where Justin Hill comes in. If you need a suggestion for wine for dinner or need to know where we have spotted the latest seasonal craft beer, Justin is your man. Sure, you can always ask for my help in that area, but Justin is often much more available over in aisle two -- and believe me, he knows his beverages.

Have you ever wondered how all the sale items get priced correctly and how our shelves and displays have the proper signs done on a timely basis? Well that monumental task is all managed by our scan coordinator, Ann Giesen.

Taking over the reins from Uncle Rob and Aunt Georgette was a big step and one that I knew I needed help with, so it was great to know that seasoned grocery store expert Dave Michaels, who lives in nearby Sugar Grove, was willing to take over management of our store. If you haven’t dealt with Dave yet, I’d encourage you to stop him in the aisle and say hello. He is a wonderful addition to our staff and a great leader, helping me to manage our entire staff of employees.

Grandma (Ann Prisco) and Grandpa (Tony Prisco) have both passed on, but their impact on our business is still very evident. Throughout their lives they were outstanding role models; ones we relied upon to help keep us focused on the right way to do business, and the best way to treat our customers and employees.

Although gone from our everyday lives, they will always be with us because of the outstanding values that they placed on love, fellowship and caring. They believed that the things that would keep customers coming back week after week, year after year, were fresh food, homemade quality, fair prices, and, above all, great customer service with a smile.

Being a family business means that we operate under a different set of principles than those that the drive the corporate stores dominating the market today. Rather than a bottom line and stock price being the two prime measures of success, in our business our driving goal every day is to operate a clean and well organized store that serves the needs of the community. Most of our family members and our employees live within a few miles of the store. We pay taxes here and support the local schools, churches, parks, organizations, and other local businesses of West Aurora.

We believe that our business should be a window of what’s in our hearts and an example to the community. Everyone who walks through the door should know what we stand for and experience all that is fresh, wholesome and delicious. We might not deliver 100% of the time, but we never stop trying. This is the legacy of our parents, grandparents, and great grandparents. We are very grateful to be a part of such a rich family tradition.

As owners, we all work in the store and strive to know our customers by name. Any customer request is carefully considered and every order is bagged and carried to your car as a matter of habit. Tired of the impersonal shopping experience where no one knows you? We’d love for you to experience the Prisco's Difference.

We appreciate your business and look forward to having you as a valued customer.


Andy Guzauskas - President


Shop Local and We All Win!


We really appreciate the support that you give us as your local, family owned food retailer. We know first-hand how important that support is to our success. In an effort to pay all your good will forward, it is our mission to do all we can to support local brands by offering them for sale to our neighbors right here in our neighborhood.

The following is part of an ever-growing list of local brands available in our store.

  • Aroma Roots soaps, lotions and cleaning products – Aurora, IL
  • Aspen Lane Wines – Aurora, IL
  • Bountiful Blessings Produce – Hinckley, IL
  • Coffee Drop Shop coffees and teas – Geneva, IL
  • Heritage Prairie Farm organic produce – Elburn, IL
  • Lorence’s Honey and honey by-products – Aurora, IL
  • Modest Coffee – West Chicago, IL
  • Oberweis Ice Cream and Dairy – Aurora, IL
  • Two Brothers Beer & Coffee – Warrenville, IL